Happy Birthday My Love & to me Dad!

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Le grand Jour est arrivé! : D happy birthday to all! My Love who is celebrating in NY and dad in Delhi! Just such a joyous occasion and I the undersigned had the privilege of wishing them both as the clock struck 12:00 AM in their respective hemispheres. What birthday would be complete without presents? I sent my love something (secret) and my dad was gifted a scale model of a ’59 Cadillac, him being a recent avid model collector. My bro did an excellent job of finding him a scale model, albeit expensive, it sure surprised me pa! He will be celebrating in style at the end of the day, a party with family friends! Ojé!

My love didn’t seem so enthusiastic about her birthday lol, though I am topsy turvy with excitement! Down boy down as they say.

The Namesake dropped by for a coffee earlier this day, and I demonstrated the Vista Media Center PC. Albeit a little noisy, the thing does the job, and with the K-Lite CODEC pack, all files are within its reach. I am quite glad!

Oh well back to work now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY me paw!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Love & to me Dad!

  1. You are the best boyfriend ever! Thank you so much for my gifts…I can’t help but smile whenever I walk by the roses:) I love you!

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