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And here I go, another successful home-working day. Or so I would like to think. Well, I shouldn’t be too hasty to condemn this day as an utter waste. I did get some writing finished, and am about to commence with the penultimate chapter of the article. It has been a very interesting ride so far. Though, I must remark that I feel at the peak of my writing capabilities – ideas, words, sentences, phrases seem to be flying in at an inordinate pace. I owe it all to the new diet that my beloved and I have embarked upon, together. Low fat, sugar and carbs diet ostensibly. It was a pain initially to locate the low-fat supplements and complements, but an hour spent at AH seems to have paid off. Last evening had some broccoli, and veggies steam boiled with olive oil, some salt, and pepper, and mamma mia, not only was it healthy, but it tasted delish! Since one does need one’s daily dose of fizzies, I have made the transition to Pepsi Max and Coke Zero, same taste but calories as if one were drinking the diet variations of the same. Argh, without the aspartame of course! I can’t stand that junk in my fizzies.

Tomorrow, we have the English writing session that shall last the whole day. It is not a prospect I am looking forward to, but since the ApeCage will be there en masse, it shall be bearable, even if the content and program outcomes turn out not to be to my taste. We shall just have to see.

Well, nuff for now, back to some more of article typing!

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