Terminals and I

2 minutes

Strange title eh? But oddly enough, quite fitting, since the last few days, whatever machine I touch, happens to develop a bug! May it be my server, the client, the laptop or the terminals at the Bank. Speaking of which, I just returned from bonny ol’ ABN, having dragged my sick ol’ bum on my bike, to deposit some cash. Once I am there, the darned deposit terminal was out of order, as soon as I touched it. I raised some concern, and went instead to the cashier. She takes my money, and punches in a few numbers, and lo and behold, it is transferable, because her terminal suddenly stops working as well. Forty minutes later, having deposited my money, I am back at home. Thankful indeed!

Tim Wonnacott is on TV, Bargain Hunters is on, love that show- Makes writing my paper alongside ever so difficult. Oh well, I think I can take a wee break, and restart on the article again in 20 minutes. The article by the way is coming along splendidly! I reread the first draft and was aghast! IS that my work, I asked myself… Oh well I shouldn’t really disown my children, must remember that it was written under quite a lot of pressure. Oh well!

Am so glad my love is taking the day off to relax and recuperate some. She’s been having a very hectic week, replete with exams, and labs and the like. Considering she was so much more ill than I am, it is an amazing feat to have attended it all, and with such fortitude. Nothing but respect for my love!

Ok Time to go back to Bargain Hunters!

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