iPod Touch!

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iPhone comes to iPod!!! It is here, oh lord be praised it is here : D Watch this space for updates.

Pricey though, the 16 GB version for $399 and 8 GB version for $299, ships in a few weeks (this month).

Pictures courtesy Gizmodo.com

Ah wow, now for something good! Starbucks across the US shall now be WiFi enabled, and a customer can just walk in to download the currently playing and the last ten played songs on to his/her iPod Touch for free! Yep you read right.. for free! That seems like a sweet deal indeed! And not only this, the price for the iPhone has apparently been dropped from 599 to 399 for the 8 GB model! No more 4GB models shall be sold! A straight 200 $ cut!

Well it seems the event is pretty much over. Kind of bitter sweet. I should’ve surmised that Jobs wouldn’t equip the iPod Touch with too much memory, lest the iPhone buyers feel cheated. I am predicting that the next round of iPod Touch devices will get a memory upgrade right about the time iPhone gets a makeover (read upgrade). Bit too pricey for my blood I am afraid. This is one puppy I shall not be purchasing. Oh well, back to the happy place.


One thought on “iPod Touch!

  1. Damn expensive if you ask me, for less money than you would now pay for the 16GB model, I bought a 30GB “old” model, last December. Thought I wouldn’t be using it that much, but that turned out to be so different. iPods are just amazing ;)

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