The new Mac keyboard

2 minutes

And finally it was delivered this morning, something I had been waiting for, for some time now. I was skeptical whether the new design would suit my fancy, and therefore it was with trepidation that I ordered the new Mac keyboard. It was finally delivered (after a failed delivery event last evening), this morning.

The first impression? LOOK how thin! I am amazed at how thin Apple has made this keyboard, and just how light and usable it is. I am a big fan of flat keyboards and this one doesn’t disappoint in the least. It is made of brushed metal or aluminium finish with white chiclet keys which do take some getting used to, but once you are done, you wonder how you could settle for anything else. I am impressed with the overall look, feel and style of this new keyboard. I have the English US version instead of the German one, and the English International. Here you go, a pic for the more curious amongst you.

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