Macworld, back on Mac and all that

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Finally, after my long sojourn in the states, I am back, back in the NL and back at work, albeit with a heavy heart that yearns each minute for my Rissa. My love… This separation, so prolonged, takes its toll, though I am so happy that an end is in sight. OK Too much info!

So back in the NL, after a long amazing trip, pix of which have been uploaded to Flickr from time to time, so let’s just say no apologies this time for the lack of updates and blog posts, for hey they have been taking place at regular intervals on my Flickr page as Photo blogs, or plogs if you like.

I am back on OS X, and remain true to the adage that "best posts take place from the Mac", and indeed Qumana is back too! Quite happy about that! : D Leopard 10.5.1 with 8 Gigs of RAM, enough to burn anyone a serious case of "BURN" ;)

But on a more serious note, speaking of MacWorld, it has been a very low key affair apparently, apart from the introduction of the New MBA (MacBook Air), it has been a ho-hum-drum affair. Tally pointed out rightly after the MW affair, how the Apple stocks took a tumble during the MW08. Oh well, not all can be winners. As for me personally, I don’t foresee myself getting an MBAir. I’d rather have a MBPro.

That ladies and gentlemen are my $0.02.


PS: Soon after MBAir, people crashed the Interwebs!


6 thoughts on “Macworld, back on Mac and all that

  1. Wow! An update after just so many days! Good to see you back dude. Hey did you know your ex got married!? IMAGINE that!

  2. Hi Tim I guess you heard frm P. Mark and I met at Thanksgiving, it was love from get go. He proposed on the first date, and we got married on the 15th of December. Hope you can be happy for me. =)

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