Pathfinder, ever so good!

2 minutes

People, people, people… It is with glee I announce to the world today that I have found the perfect replacement I have always searched for and yet never found. It is a simple thing called Pathfinder. No it is not a Mars mission, or even that horrible movie, it is a Finder replacement for OS X that has simply blown me away.

Replacing the Finder has been questioned by many a Mac fanboi, but one thing I noticed through my extensive research and hands on eval -> Finder is good, but it does leave a lot to be desired, even in Leopard. For instance an instant preview of a gallery of say over a thousand images, can take the Finder forever to create thumbnails. I could shut that feature off, but then I need an instant preview upon click, and a slideshow upon a double click. Where oh where could I find that. My previous blog posts looked at it from an App perspective where I tried to find an App that would replace ACDSee on the system, to no avail.

Today, I applied me brains and looked at ways to replace the Finder since this is what the base OS should do. Come in Pathfinder. Worth every penny of the $34.95 they charge, it is an excellent replacement that takes everything I throw at it and more. Add to that, Xee, and we are golden.

I am very impressed.


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