Messenger Live for Mac, Mailplane updates and all that

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This morning I decided to give OS X another whirl. Yes the capricious old Timothy is back – and woe betide thee, if you didn’t see this coming. so I won’t even grace this entry with my plethora of reasons, so let’s just move on.

I decided against installing Adium X and try Messenger Live for Mac 7.0 this time around, and though there are hardly any changes from 6.0.3 in this version, the overall look and feel is a wee bit more polished. Not bad. I don’t quite miss Adium X right now – it felt more a toy and a doll I could dress up with skins and themes than a real app.

To my intense pleasure, Mailplane has entered the 2.0 beta version. This excellent app brings GMail to the desktop, using Webkit to enhance the overall look and feel. Mailplane also ties in so well with Growl to enable desktop alerts as soon as I get an email in either of my Gmail accounts. I was a part of the team when the beta version was being evaluated and jumped on the bandwagon when the app went commercial. It is one of the main reasons (along with iCal) that I am back on OS X.

And of course, let’s not forget my favorite blog editor. Another BIG reason to switch right back. So well, Macs may be slower me lads/lasses, but there is no getting around the superior quality of apps for this platform. I am back baby! *Waits for a I TOLD YOU SO from me Rissa*.


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