Ah, Aachen

3 minutes

So Saturday, Rissa’s day off from studies of the medical kind took us to Aachen. It was a glorious day indeed, in spite of the weather that decided to play spoilsport. But hey nothing dampens our spirits, if we could make BRU fun, Aachen is gold! Directly from the HBF we descended to the Apple Store, for a much needed pilgrimage. See, I have been going back and forth since my move from the Mac platform to Windows. I needed to convince myself that beneath the sheen of a shiny, beautiful UI, lies an underperforming and a slow machine. And confirm those doubts we did. On the MB and the MBP, Word 2008 took 25 and 20 seconds to launch respectively, leading Rissa and I to shake our heads in disgust. My Mac performed marginally better back in the day – 5 seconds which was still unacceptable. Oh well, thoroughly convinced, we headed directly to the Turkish Imbiss, we feasted upon my favorite dish from there – Lahmacun filled with veggies, tzatiki and fries. Mm!

Coffee at the Glascubus – my fave – mit Hazelnuss geschmack as we sat around “Sehen und gesehen werden“. Saturn was great as always – such a variety of coffee makers, laptops, household appliances we couldn’t get enough, but we did decide to carry on our revelry to the Markt, enjoying a pint of Weissen on the terrace. *sigh* good times! Onwards to Egmont’s as it was getting quite chilly we had a nice cuppa joe/heisse Schokolade mit Sahne. Mamma mia, just what the doctor ordered. It was so beautiful, enjoying the city where I worked/studied through the eyes of my beloved. Took me back to the days we would hang out at these places, our major concerns being where to carry the party next. Miss those days do I? – Nah, those were fun, but this is just amazing.

We rounded off our evening with dinner chez Pallas at the Pontstrasse getting so stuffed with Pizzas and Tzatiki and some more Weissen (dunkel this time). What a prime way to end our Aachen evening.

Back home we watched the much hyped movie “Juno“. A sweet movie indeed, but rather over-hyped – I saw nothing in there worth writing home about. The main protagonist is funny at first, and then she begins to grate on the nerves and the senses. As always it was great to see the father-son duo from “Arrested Development” (Jason Bateman & Michael Cera) in the same movie, though in unrelated roles this time around.


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