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I have been trying out the latest version of Microsoft’s financial software Microsoft Money 2008, Home and Small Business edition. The initial impression is quite positive. The software suite keeps track of all your assets and liabilities as well as small businesses (eBay, and the like), having advanced options to create invoices and send them forth. It has a debt relief calculator that actively monitors your income/expenditure and can recommend plans based on active rate of interest incurred, to get rid of the debt in a timely fashion. I discover new functionalities every day, and would indeed go in for the purchase of the software once my trial period expires. You can get your copy from xx. It is a fully-functional 60 days trial version.

In other news, the event model for my modelling approach is coming along fine. I am creating this collaboratively with my boss, on, a website made with and RoR. It is indeed quite impressive, I am quite happy with the advanced functionality it offers. The details of the model shall be made available as soon as I have a paper running.

On to more exciting news, tomorrow is the day! I am literally counting the hours till tomorrow, an event for which I just can’t wait, and just can’t stop dreaming about. Rissa in the EU again! She has a huge exam today before she starts for DE, so guys wish her luck! I know I have everything crossed here. But tomorrow I shall celebrate. As remarked earlier, watch this space for pix! I will get to try the album software on Vista as well.

Oh well, for now, back to work!


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Money 2008

  1. Hi Tim,
    Mindmeister is a fine example. As with try the Yahoo UI as well. It is not as powerful, but quite an interesting community.
    Best of luck to Rissa, and I will be looking for pictures!

  2. Na mein Guter… wie geht’s? Did you miss me? It is so nice to see your blog, and I am always getting updated with your life. As for me, I am back from a long cruise that lasted much long than it should. I was on the sea for over 8 months!!!!! But good news I have a boyfriend now, he works with me on the ship and it is good. I am going to be in Aachen for 2 months before I have to go back, so let’s meet sometime!
    You must tell me everything about Rissa! it seems soooo serios! haha

  3. heyy conzi! How great to hear from you! I shall call you after the weekend. Indeed you ought to read the rest of the posts to know who my Rissa is :) It is all so awesome! anyways, we shall talk, and i am dying to hear about the noo guy!

  4. hey Andrew ma man! :) Thanks for the tip m8, I was told about YUI by a coworker, and have found it rather stunted for my needs. You see I am also using RoR and for my needs. YUI does some of it, but majority of the functionality is unfortunately missing or is in Beta. Besides the has a better user base, and therefore… the logical choice. How is life treating ya otherwise? ; )

  5. hey man, long time no updates… busy or what? Still on Vista I see, oh man!
    you lucky dog, you get to spend the weekend with your gf! Think of me from time to time tho! ; ) J/K!
    Say Hi to Rissa!

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