Mmm Mozzarella tomato salad

3 minutes

So I took it upon myself to make some tomato-mozzarella salad this evening. Missing the essential ingredients yesterday, I made the hallowed trip to AH this evening after a fruitful meeting with the big Boss. Ever so happy with my “pimped-up” bike I cycled my way furiously to AH after delivering the darned malfunctioning HDD at the postkantoor. You see, the reasons for lack of updates the past few weeks have been aplenty – last weekend till Monday, my sweet Rissa was in town, and we spent just the most romantic and most wonderful weekend together in good old Duesseldorf. Following that, I got my HDD replaced from, however when I did take the time out to install it in my system, the same problems reoccurred. This led me to believe that there must be a problem with the controller, however the other SATA HDD works just fine. I thought it might be a problem with Vista, but the same problems occurred in XP. I thought it might be a problem of my BIOS settings, so I tried every permutation, combination allowed… no luck. Disgusted I installed the OS on an IDE drive once again. Really, that has to be the pits.

But I digress. The point of this post is to record for posterity the kinderleicht recipe of the most finger-licking salad I have ever created, lest I forget what it was I did right this time. You see, I am not so culinarily inclined (just ask Rissa), and therefore tend to forget stuff and botch it all up. Furthermore, for those who haven’t tried this yet, it might just tempt you into committing unto this! But hey enough with the disclaimers, this was a good salad that I am proud of, so here goes nothing: It is a mozzarella – tomato salad (Italian) – serves 2, unless you are like me, then, just 1.

2 Italian tomatoes – ripe, full, juicy
50 gms of fresh mozzarella cheese
Basilica (2 pinches)
Oregano (2 pinches)
Salt (1 pinch)
Olive Oil (Extra virgin – 2 Tbsp)
Croutons to choice (I used garlic)

The preparation is quite straightforward, chop up the tomatoes the way you’d want them and cut the mozzarella – round, whole pieces if you can, and sprinkle basilica and oregano, making sure you have it on evenly. Throw in croutons, and sprinkle some salt and weee bit of sugar. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and spray some olive oil over it all, and enjoy! MOOI lekker! mmm


4 thoughts on “Mmm Mozzarella tomato salad

  1. God I love you baby, Happy Anniversary my love! And to a lifetime of happiness and joy-joy!
    And well dun endorse it till you try it :P But I must say it tasted just like the salad we had this time in D’dorf!

  2. hiya dood, finally an update! How was it with Rissa in Dusseldorf? Happy Anniversary love :-p ha ha.
    BTW forgotten already? you made something like that for us back in the day with gouda. Amelie couldn’t keep her paws off it. ha ha. Delish stuff too. Keep posting!

  3. Ezel!!! Just back from Italy and you have an Italian recipe for us, really coincedence! hope you had a nice time with Rissa in Germany, I sure had an awesome time in Italy (which however made me want to kick all Italians in the balls but more on that later)

    cya soon!


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