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Well as one might’ve figured out by now, this has been an uneventful weekend, I just so wish I could’ve been there with my special someone. But instead I am stuck in good ol’ H, trying to while my time away – means and devices of which I find better each day. For instance today, having nothing to do, I popped in a good ol’ Hindi flick “Saalam-e-ishq”, and watched it while I ironed clothes. Seems I wasn’t able to watch the whole movie, as I had forgotten just how long these movies actual last! That aside, it is a thoroughly enjoyable movie, portraying the different facets of love in these modern times. A must see. I am waiting to see how this movie ends. I still have an hour and twenty-two minutes to go.

Unable to take my indolence any longer, I started a wee bit of coding on R. Got tired of that after a couple of lines, and decided instead to tweak my article a bit more, so that I am completely at ease with it. A section later, I joined CGL for a quick cuppa joe. It is rather strange how cold it is, all of a sudden. Or else it is that I feel the cold more. My Vista Sidebar shows it to be 15 degrees outside, though it definitely feels lower.

It shall be a boring day at the office apparently. The two Germans are MIA, and ever since YMI left the office, there are just the 7 of us left to fend for ourselves at the ApeCage. Well, we shall see, tomorrow. It promises to be a day full of meetings, article reviews, hurried phone calls and the like… in short, a typical Monday at work.

Back at home in NDelhi, dad and bro have moved, and are now putting up at our new residence in Saket! It is a luvely house, and Digo has an Internet connection already (albeit 128 kbps *jeez*). He made two videos of the place and sent them to me yesterday. It was just so much fun, oohing and aahing over the new place and the way it has turned out to be. Can’t wait to visit later this year!

Gautam celebrated his 28th birthday on Friday, and it was indeed a pleasure to talk with him and wish him the very best. Though we didn’t get to talk long, it was sure nice to chat with him, just like ye olde days. Friday, the namesake and I, along with CGL discovered a great lounge bar in good ol Heerlen! It was just surreal to have a place like that in a dump like this. Cannot wait to show my Rissa, when she comes for a visit next! She’d like it, even though I am yet to figure out – what would be the best time to take her there, because we were there from 21:30 to 23:30 and the place looked desolate. Perhaps it picks up later. We visited the Irish pub after a long, long time. It was a strange homecoming.

Back to office on Monday!

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