Marriage anniversary!

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Oh what a joyous day indeed! The 29th anniversary of my parents’ union! What a shame that I wasn’t able to attend for the 5th year running. Sometimes I just wonder why indeed must one live abroad, so far away from one’s family and loved ones. What’s there here, that I don’t have back home… Times like these, I really do wonder, whether I made the smartest choice. But, herein lies the dilemma, times like these pass, and I am back to being the consummate firang.

The day has been rather clumsy to say the least! It has been raining non-stop in good ol’ H. Not a hurdle for the namesake and I, who along with Tally braved the showers to claim our daily walk to the castle. That was fun. Oh wow, the wind is so strong it seems would knock me windows down. Bleh! To add to that, I got drenched on my way back home. Sometimes those plastic pants don’t seem like that bad an idea.

The afternoon, and we were setting up the VMWare EAX server for the apecage, and CGL managed to get us a list of hostnames and IPs, that we can associate with our images. I set up one this afternoon, allocating some 20 gigs to it. The namesake, who is in-charge of the sub-versioning, had a hell of a time coping with the intricacies of Linux. He has given me the green light to charge him lest he forget his Haiku roots. In other words he has ‘chmod’ed me to a higher permission level (777) if you like.

I was wondering at the inception of the EAX saga, why ever I didn’t host this on the OU server. It would’ve been the prudent choice. But the reasons were manifold. The first and foremost being, here I upload what I want, to my heart’s content, without worrying about the limits etc. And 1and1 will last me as long as I want it to, even beyond 2009 (the term of my contract with the OU). So rejoice netizens!

Rissa has an exam this day, for which she’s worried sick. Though I am sure she’ll do well, am sending out positive thoughts into the Universe. Indeed!

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  1. hi Tim, so glad to see your site back up. how are you doing? Keep updating us. what the heck is a chmod?

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