Monday, Bloody Monday

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Poetic license, had to change some in the original title of the song, from Sunday to Monday! The OU is back in full swing on the first day of the week again, and to kick things off this morning we had the OTEC plenair, the first for this year. Unfortunately the Big Boss is ill, and couldn’t attend. As a result the plenair was cut short to around 2 hours instead of the regular 3,5. It also means that my scheduled meetings with the Boss have been postponed. It is indeed a shame. I know not when he shall have time again for the same.

Finally some progress with the practitioner group, or semblance of the same today – FBR informed me that there might be a chance to publicize my work at an event on the 27th where a number of practitioners are expected to participate. She feels (and I agree whole-heartedly) that it would be a good opportunity to reach out to some ID practitioners at the higher educational level, owing to the lack of progress with the KN. For this purpose, I have made a prelim flyer about my work and the expectations from the target group, and hope that it shall pique some interest at the event.

To script a flyer, I decided to give Microsoft Publisher 2007 a whirl, but came out quite disappointed. I had expected some of the functionality I had noticed in iLife during my brief stint with the Apple Way of life, but darn, Apple’s iLife does the work SO much better! So here I sit, waiting for the supervisor’s comments about the draft of the flyer, before I take it out for revision.

An interesting discussion took place over lunch about Economic Imperialism and the effect on the local economies, worldwide. It was quite fascinating to hear the views of our diverse group from the ApeCage. The discussion stemmed from the casual remark from MKV, that it was indeed the 60th year of India’s independence from Britain, and soon became a debate over the gun trade, attitudes of the developed economies with regard to the developing and under developed nations and the like. I quoted the participatory farming techniques put into place by the Narsimha Rao government in the 90s when the Indian economy was opened to the private investment, and how that kind of approach can indeed aid the local economies and foster growth by investment – both direct capital and in terms of farming technologies.

Speaking of which, what is up with H!? It snowed last night, and the temperatures reached -2, which is just unusual for this region at this time of the year. But as they say, April, er macht was er will :) But I hope the spring weather is back next week, and stays that way for our trip to Paris! Mmm lekker!

Ok back to work…

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