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Well, here we go again, has been a while since I updated the blog. Not due to lack of interest, but rather the lack of developments the past few days. Got the feedback for my first draft from my supervisor, and indeed, the points made are valid and acting upon the same would really improve the quality and the feel of the paper. I am rather disappointed though as I read it back, there did seem to be a lack of consistency and structure throughout the paper, which is something I consciously, realized while writing the same, but didn’t do much to alleviate the problem. The emphasis was on meeting the deadline set by the Boss. Now that I have some time to reflect, a lot needs to be done. I started the corrections yesterday and shall continue them through the week.

Yesterday I got the delivery notice from Wehkamp that my order had been delivered at the DHL service point in Praxis, H-Noord. I cycled there and got the teeny packet, wondering whether the chaps had actually sent all that I had ordered. Apparently not – for when I reached home, I found three items missing. One they said was out of stock and two weren’t accounted for at all. The namesake has taken ill, ‘ne Erkaeltung apparently! Wish him a speedy recovery. Macro finally got the replacement Nokia for the one he lost the other day. It looks very much the same (na klar) but had the T-Mobile branding which he basically flashed on his own. WTG m8!

My brother finally got all the presents that I had selected for him from Rediff. The whole experience with this webshop has been – NEVER again! Hated the service they provide and the lack of support, not to mention the fact that they outsource all their orders and disclaim all responsibility once they have validated your CC data. As a result, one item reached Digo on the 8th, one on time, and the last, on 14th! Horrible service I say. Rediff? Never again! Grmmph!

Oh well, back to the paper again.

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