Movie Collector 3 Pro is out – please stay away!

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Scathing review alert. I just got an email from proclaiming “benefits and features” available to the Windows users of Movie Collector have now been released for the Mac platform in the latest version of this Movie catalog software. One phrase comes to mind – STAY away.

The biggest reason? They have stripped away all credible sources for Movie information lookup. IMDB, Amazon, you name it, it’s gone. Instead we have their database which has spotty information at best, and is in no way complete, or even close to it. That added to the confused layout and “new” features make this an upgrade one can well afford to miss.

For me, personally, the omission of IMDB lookup is unforgivable. The company claims that it was done to improve information available to the users, or some random excuse, but the reasons are clear. They want to maximize their profits, by making us users submit movie/film information to their servers. In short, we pay to use our own movie/film metadata.

No thanks, I love the previous versions of this software and will give this version 3.0 pro a miss and two thumbs down. End scathing review.


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