Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac SP2, Spaces issues still remain

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It has been a few days since this update came out. I wanted to blog this earlier, however, just have been so busy at work, that I haven’t had time for jacques.

I downloaded SP2 for Office 2008 as soon as it was announced on MacBU. I didn’t expect much, and didn’t even bother to read the release notes for once. I was surprised though at the strides made in this incremental update.

The biggest leap is in the app launch speed. Microsoft Word opens in less than a second now. No more ten bounces before I can start typing. And that’s the second big change. No lags while typing. It is snappy to the touch and the input. Finally I can open DOC files in Word instead of Textedit. Wunderbar!

One caveat though. This fix still does not address the weird spaces issue. In particular, if you have the toolbox open in any of the Microsoft App suite, Spaces goes haywire when trying to track the main app window. Microsoft claims it is an OS X issue, but hey why does Office 2004 work flawlessly? Address it, please. Someone.


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