My new Macbook Pro

2 minutes

It’s here! After a lifetime of waiting, we were pleasantly surprised when the good ol’ Mac showed up on our tracking system last night! Long has the wait been, and sweet the reunion. But alas, all is well and here I am, in Bergen, enjoying my new MBP, downloading my mail from (soon to be It is 15.4" of pure LED goodness and 2.4 GHz of Peryn goodness. The RAM is 2 GB still, but the Leopard roars and Timmy doesn’t have anything to complain about.

One thing I had given little thought to is the speed of the Internet connexion here, and it dawned on me just how good I had it in Heerlen, as I spent the better half of the evening downloading the multitudes of updates from the Apple website, going from 10.5 to 10.5.3, something that would’ve taken me 10 minutes back with my 20mbps speeds. Oh well, I should stop being such a whiner and wait for FiOS to show up at our doorstep.

Tomorrow I shall accompany Rissa as she goes to Roc to sit for one of the most important exams so far – the Medical License exam. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Ali Nadeem: you guys are missed as well man! It was so nice to be able to say goodbye the way I wanted to. Keep me in the loop man and give my regards to one and all.

Ranjeet babu, indeed yaar, I moved a week back. Sorry yaar didn’t have the time to actually inform or update but chalo.

And that I guess is it for now. </ramble>


2 thoughts on “My new Macbook Pro

  1. Back to Mac.. I knew it :) (and Rissa did he had to put lots of charm in the battle of winning you over ;) )

    How did your Medical Licence examn go?? We crossed our fingers the whole day.. did it work?

  2. Hey ezel, what about an update? ;) Hope things have been fine in the States and like Tally says hope everything went fine with Rissa’s exam! And btw, what’s the yaar all about, turning into a pirate there? ;)

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