My New Toy – me new XBox360

3 minutes

This post is hopelessly delayed and you’ll soon know why – but what a wonderful gift was I surprised with, on my birthday! Yes, this old man carved out another notch in the life chain on the 16th. Thanks you.

But to the topic at hand! Rissa’s mom, dad and grandparents came to our place to celebrate with us, along with Jen, Sam and the kids via Webcam from Indiana. Just so touching indeed, and that in itself was a great gift – the gift of family. The kids seemed extra excited! As I opened my gifts, there was an air of excitement about – Rissa’s dad seemed rather overcome by it and apparently went out for a breather – but soon came right back in, with a HUGE bag. My eyes widened as I opened the bag to see the oh so familiar green box with the X logo on it. Could NOT believe it – my first instinct – am I being Punk’d much like that kid who thought he got a Wii but found out it was a box full of socks. But no, it was real, it is mine! I was gifted a console, an XBox at that.

SO surreptitious was the entire setup! Everyone was in on it, and I didn’t suspect a thing. Sneaky indeed, but wow! And all this seems to have stemmed from a humble request I had put on our registry back in August, last year and Rissa’s mom caught up on it in December –  the rest is history. But am just so amazed at how Rissa kept it from me, and didn’t let me get suspicious at all – every time I thought there was something going on, she’d be ready with a fully convincing explanation to the otherwise. Amazing… my hat’s off to you my wife!  

And since then, I’ve been busy gaming – getting progressively better at games I once knew (from the PC and other platforms). Virtua Tennis 3, Fight Night Round 3, Virtua Fighter 5 Online, and the list goes on. The possibilities are limitless – this is by far the most advanced console I have ever seen (agreed I haven’t seen too many other than PS2-3, Wii), and I am simply blown away! At this time I am hungrily browsing the interwebs looking for deals and other additions I can make to this haloed Console.

Perfect indeed THANK YOU Rissie, Mom, Dad, Jen, Sam, Grandpa, Gramma B, and the lil Kids!


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