Off to Seattle!

< 1 minutes

Just a precious few hours before my flight departs from Schiphol, and onwards to the IMSGLC quarterly meet at Seattle. I am really looking forward to this trip and the chance of networking with like-minded cognoscenti of the Learning world. It shall be indeed a great opportunity to collaborate with my peers and gather some valuable feedback on my work.

Of course it is but a preview of things to come, asĀ  the end of next week I shall head to NY to be with Rissa for a little more than two weeks. A prospect that has us both positively brimming with enthusiasm and joy! It shall be a rewarding trip indeed. The bags are packed, the itinerary is feeded in, and right now I am loading some more books on my Axim x51v. What a pity I couldn’t get the Sync applications to run on my OS X. But well that is a story for another blog edition.

Next update from the US of A! Keep tuned.


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