Seattle baby!

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Reached here safe and sound, and none worse for the wear! I have reached the hotel, Homestead Studio Suites some 25 hours after I had started from Heerlen. What a country, what a city! More later, after I manage to recover from the Jet lag, including pictures of course! Was so amazing to talk with my beloved, finally on the same continent! Oh just can’t wait indeed!

@21:42 Pacific
@00:42 Eastern (Monday)
@10:12 IST (Monday)
@06:42 CET (Monday)


One thought on “Seattle baby!

  1. Americans, by & large are very nice, polite & kind hearted people & the very best of them are in the West Coast. I have beenvisiting there off & on since 1975; first on Japaness ship & then as Canadian from 1987. Salute to the nice folks of Seattle; where my nephew Tim visited in July & refreshed my memories.

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