One week and all is well

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Just two weeks till I meet the love of my life for our first anniversary, in the city of dreams, a city that meant just so much to me, and has come to meet so much more, since Rissa and I fell in love there. How fitting then, to celebrate our first anniversary in that city. Providence provides and we found a way to make it work, to find our way to Paris. Everything is set, the guests are met, mayst hear the merry din (ok, Hyperbole). How much I am looking forward to this, can hardly be overstated… It has hardly been a month since we were together, and I find myself just reminiscent of the times we had, thinking back to what we were doing on this specific day a month ago… Oh the day I leave for Paris could not come soon enough.

It has been a week since I upgraded to OS X 10.5.1 and separated the two machines, each dedicated to its specific purpose. And I must report all is well. I did have to reinstall OSX last night due to some glitches, as I tried to experiment with Expression Web. I’d do well to stick with dotMac iWeb for my galleries. Speaking of which, I do plan to upload my galleries this weekend to my .dotMac site (links updated later).

The bike being broken, I have had time to walk to and from work each day, a task made easier for I have the entire lecture series on "Ancient Egypt" by Prof. Dr. Bob Brier on my iPhone. An extremely enthusiastic Egyptologist, he has stoked my passions for discovering and exploring the land of the Pharaohs since I was a kid. His documentaries and his insightful explanations and descriptions hold such sway and keep me coming back for more. He is simply a genius. Yep I am a fanboi. That in addition to the amazing book I got from Rissa for Christmas, has made these past couple of weeks, an Egypt centric time for me. I find myself immersed in funerary rites of the Old, Middle and New kingdoms, discovering architectural and symbolic changes to the tombs through the history. Political intrigues, the life of the common man, the exploits of the greatest (Sneferu, Mantuhoteps, Amenhemet, et al) have kept me well occupied during any free time I manage to salvage.

Oh well, back to work…

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PS: Mac desktop of the day


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