Farewell Macbook Pro

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Farewell Macbook Pro

Well, as most of you know and are protesting, I have made up my mind to say fare-thee-well to my MBP. I decided, it was more important to have food on my table than to have an MBP on my lap. So well, the baby is up for adoption. The other Mac Pro continues undaunted. I shall retain this web-space, not to mention the email address, but the rest goes back after my trip to Innsbruck! I was on the phone with Applecare Netherlands, and they have graciously agreed to take it back, no questions asked. Such class I must say!

Oddly enough I feel little to none.

In other news, had to reinstall Tiger, after having messed up my Partition table (too much fstab’bing). Luckily saved the Domain.sites file. So I can continue editing on this Mac Pro.

Fare-thee-well o MBP!

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