Open or Export CHM files on OS X

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CHM files are the de-facto distribution standard of e-books in some circles (O’Reilly) etc, and though these can be opened natively on a Windows machine, the same cannot be said for OSX. One of the best (though certainly not the most popular for some reason) app for opening CHM files on OSX is iCHM. I found this app after having tried a number of commercial apps and finding them wanting in one department or the other.

iCHM is a one stop shop for opening/printing CHM files. Visually pleasing and quite intuitive, iCHM also prints directly to PDF. Perfect. And best of all, this app, is free! Try it today.


2 thoughts on “Open or Export CHM files on OS X

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I had unsuccessful results with chmox, and iCHM required the minor bug fix, before it would read the file correctly. It updated itself immediately, though, so I didn’t have to attempt troubleshooting or yelling at the file. Anyways, as a convert to ALL THINGS MAC, I appreciate finding resources and reviews such as your blog.

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