OS X 10.5.8 is out – Choppy performance is back

2 minutes

Apple released Leopard 10.5.8 a few days back. The update went without a hitch on my MacBook Pro. The story on my Hackintosh isn’t so great. The choppy performance issues are back, after having been wiped clean in 10.5.7. Argh. I reinstalled OSX to no avail. I nearly borked my system in the process.

Here’s the story. I usually OC my system to thy kingdom come. Because I wanted to install it all from scratch, I decided to switch off my system after a span of nearly 22 days. Bad decision. When I did restart it wouldn’t OC for nuts. I tried looking in the BIOS, and there in RED letters – VCORE: FAIL. Great. I thought it was a faulty CPU fan – replaced. It could’ve been the SMPS’s fault – replaced. Reseated RAM, CPU. All permutations and combinations – to no avail. And then I decided to just switch it off and worry about it later. This morning I switched it on, and voila, everything back to normal. Explain that. Blah. Here’s the obligatory screenie.


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