OS X and WM5 devices

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Quite perplexed on how to make my WM5 based Axim x51v work on a Mac, so that I can sync my iCal and Address book contacts with my WM5 powered device, I came across two solutions offering a similar functionality. The first is Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, and the other Pocketmac. The latter was quickly ruled out due to patchy support for WM5 devices! How amazing is that? WM5 has been out the better part of 3-4 years and still the software doesn’t support it. This speaks volume for the eventual quality of the product if I did happen to use it. But luckily, I decided against it, and went with Markspace’s Missing Sync.

It works marvelous, and synched my device with  iCal etc. Awesome. I finally can stop neglecting the smallest member of the Sodhi gadget clan. I used to use it only for reading my iSilo books, but finally I can carry it around, and use it as a AIO device. *phew*.

Well, on a lighter note, found this nice 1680x1050x2 wallpaper :D What say! Guinness is good for you!


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  1. Aye and you were the one who put me on the ScreenSaver path I say ;) Haven’t checked to see if they have some for the Mac as well. hmm

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