Back to the best of both worlds

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A long time coming, I have been procrastinating, not updating this blog in long. But finally things seem to have come together and I have an ideal solution for my woes. Vista and OS X. Together, at last, on the same computer in a dual-boot mode. I had tried and shied away from this "inelegant" solution for too long. A few days back, driven by the lack of performance from my Vista Media Center PC, I decided to dual boot my C2D system. And it works! And it works great! Finally I can do my MPEG2 editing on the Windows platform, and everything else on my Mac. Phew.

Things have been hectic of late, and I had little-to-no motivation to update the blog. Was not sleeping well unfortunately, and that in addition to not eating well, was driving down my day-to-day drive. Both of the situations have I since rectified, and back I am with gusto.

My sweetheart is having quite a hectic time of her own. With school back in swing, she feels caught up in the whirlwind of lectures, presentations, appointments and what not. But she is so up to the task, and will excel in her endeavors without question, she is applying herself so well, that I feel I should be learning from her. I am right there with you Rissa, right alongside, in my thoughts and in my heart. You are doing great indeed, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Well, on to work now!

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7 thoughts on “Back to the best of both worlds

  1. Hi Tim,
    I haven’t heard from you in forever. How are you doing? You came to the US, and yet I didn’t receive a single call. For shame guy!

  2. yeah m8, sorry for that, basically trying to keep spam, and one individual we don’t really want on here, out.

    Other than that, well hehe you win, I did actually switch back, albeit very reluctantly.

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