Rissa’s gonna be here!

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19 days and counting! It is just so surprising, the alacrity with which all came to pass! Just missing the love of mine, ever so much, I casually had dropped the idea, that lest VT not work out, she could think about visiting me in June, ahead of my visit to the US in July. Unfortunately, the thing in VT fell through due to some snafu with the UB legal department! It is just such a shame! She was just looking forward so much to the summer work in Vermont and get a chance to learn more about her chosen field. Lawyers and legal departments, contact me if you want to know more about how I feel about them!

So anyways, this afternoon I asked Rissa to look for cheap flights out from in and around Buffalo. We looked together, though she was so reluctant to, and we found some possible options which my love deemed way too expensive. Um, now what does money have to do with them love oui! We be in la France, and it is the land of love oui?

We continued our discussion after dinner, when we found something on Orbitz, and booked it! And just like that, with a mere click, it came to pass!!! Just 19 days to go! She is just so amazing to have agreed to come, and spend her time with me, even though she could’ve well stayed at home, and tend to the projects she has scheduled for the summer, in and around her place. I am ever so excited about the prospect of spending more time with her, and not rush from place to place as we did on her last trip here. *Sigh*


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  1. hi tim, why can’t i access your site from my house do you know? howz rissa? shes coming to visit i see, i hope u guyz have fun!

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