I don’t feel like dancing, but I’ll flail anyway!

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Oh the pains and the regrets of the morning after. What a night it was! Katherine mentioned it in passing, at dinner (a staid, dull and boring affair, due to the fact that I am a vegetarian, and it is a sin to be a vegetarian in France), that there would be dancing after dinner in the bar. Well, we did not pay much attention to it at the inception.

But what an evening it turned out to be, flailing and dancing for hours till the namesake and I had just nearly passed out (with laughter and wine), and watching Ambjörn living it up! Amine sir, the quiet one, kept at the bar, coming in for a dance or two with Raquel when the fancy struck him! It is SO awesome to see him in this light, for months, nay a year, he was my supervisor and the ‘serious’ guy! But it is just great to see him here, living it up and talking to him, as a PhD myself. It just is really good!

The namesake and I had tried to play ping pong earlier in the evening in the designated ‘fun’ time, but due to the gale-force winds, weren’t able to play (this is our story and we are sticking by it).

Earlier still, we formed cluster groups and in the immortal words of Jon Stewart, it was more like a Cluster-f***! We quickly branched out of the Authoring cluster and became the LD group. Started off with 8 but soon had 2 people drop out (Bram and Zuzana) since it didn’t quite match what they had in mind for the group. We quickly built-up a concept map and moved forth. Met two quite interesting chaps from Vietnam, with who we basically hanged out the evening.

It is day 2 now, and we are in a presentation, which I am not really following. Need to finish my presentation for the Kennisnet on the sixth of June and send it forth to FBR.

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