Snow Leopard on 965P-DS3 or DS4 – 64 Bit goodness!

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It’s here, and it is spectacular. The proof is in the pudding. More details to follow – installation guides, and kexts etc. In the meantime, search for 965P-DS4 on InsanelyMac. W00t.


35 thoughts on “Snow Leopard on 965P-DS3 or DS4 – 64 Bit goodness!

  1. Hey – glad to hear you’ve got it working! I’m running vanilla Leopard on my 965P-DS3 but struggling at getting Snow Leo to boot properly. Will look forward to the guide…

    – Tim.

  2. Hmm, been trying all day to get this working and it keeps hanging on “ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start – waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement))timed out”

    What kexts do you use (in /Extra/Extensions) to boot it? What bootloader combination are you using?


  3. ach, didn’t run into that issue. Here’s what I have in my Extensions:-
    1. fakesmc.ketx
    2. IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext
    3. IONetworkingFamily.kext
    4. NullCPUPowerManagement.kext
    5. OpenHaltRestart.kext.

    All 64 Bit Kexts of course, and make sure you update the Kextcache every time you add/delete a kext. It WILL KP without it. And a DSDT.aml in the Extras folder. But I am sure you know that already. All the best m8.

  4. Also, for ACPI, you might wanna look into the BIOS. No idea, just guessing. I did enable the 64 Bit HPET and patched the DSDT accordingly.

  5. Hey – yeah, thanks for that, I’ve got it working (although it KP’s after about 15 – 20 mins of usage!). Not been updating the kextcache (booting with -f atm).

    Would you mind uploading your DSDT.aml file? I’ve had a go at patching mine but for some reason it still resets the CMOS (I’ve tried editing the RTC device multiple times, different ways, but nothing seems to be working). Would be much appreciated!

    – Tim.

  6. Just thought for everyone else that the problem was with the graphics driver (i have a 4850) and not the ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin as was originally thought… :)

  7. Hey awesome to see you are up and running. Seems like it is a Kextcache problem for sure. Did you try Kext Utility to create a new Kextcache within Snow Leopard? All my KPs stemmed from that very source. It is important on Leopard but IMPERATIVE on Snow Leopard. I have uploaded my DSDT.aml, you can reverse engineer it for your system, however I am not sure if it will work without issue. I am surprised that your CMOS keeps resetting inspite of the RTC fix. Anyways, good luck and keep us posted. Here’s a list of my Extensions and DSDT.aml

  8. Hey Tim – thanks for that. I recognised where I was going wrong once I decompiled your dsdt.aml file and compared it to mine – no more CMOS resets! I now have a stable system – and yes, Kext Utility does the trick nicely (although I imagine it does nothing more than what I can already do through the command line) – I run it every time I make a modification to /S/L/E or /E/E.

    GA-965P-DS3 – working flawlessly. One happy chappy! :)

  9. I’m using a modified AppleAzaliaAudio.kext (I have rev1 of the board, so have ALC883 chip instead of 888). But I’m hoping the kX audio team are going to release a SL-compatible Audigy driver soon :)

    What do you mean by “Next stop – Boot 132!”? All these bootloaders (Chameleon or PC_EFI) all stem from DFE’s original boot132 anyway…

  10. Yeah you are right, it is indeed faster with an existing OS X installation. For me there’s something about starting from scratch. I read through noob766’s method (sure you aren’t him? hij is ook nederlander), and don’t want to attempt the install till I have some time on my hands. BTW ;) nice first name.

  11. Haha – yeah, I know what you mean about starting from scratch. Some things didn’t quite install properly using the OSInstall.mpkg (Eg, diskutil wouldn’t repair permissions until I had re-installed BSD.pkg). I do agree though – his method seems quite time consuming and it’s definitely not something I want to sit through and read at the minute.

    And no, I’m not him. Believe it or not, I’m actually this guy: (I used to be an Admin, but have since retired)…

  12. That’s very weird…. I will check into my filters. But I hear you, am from the Windows way of life as well: format and reinstall instead of registry cleaning and trojan removal.

  13. Haha – looks like my attempts to post that second part came all at once!

    It’s quite nice to know that people remember me though – I haven’t completely left the scene, I’m just lurking at the minute… Thoughts have crossed my mind about buying a real Mac and letting this 965P-DS3 machine go back to Windows, but I like playing around with OS X too much to let that happen just yet :)

    Once again, thanks for the help Timothevs – much appreciated!
    – Tim.

  14. Definitely remember and respect your take m8. I hear you on the real mac deal, I too tried to install it on my laptop and never got a stable system. Bought a MacBook Pro a while back and couldn’t be happier. I too cogitate changing my OSX install on my 965P – DS4 to Windows, but it never happens. I always come back to Mac. So much so that I bought a second system to run Windows 7.
    And you are most welcome! Glad I could help in any way. Good luck with your SL install. I will post soon about my trials with Boot132.

  15. Tim/Sabr: If you get a Boot-132 working let us know. I have a rev 1 also. I tried last night and didn’t get far. Got some new ideas for tonight. It is my first time doing a Boot-132 CD as my 10.5 is iDeneb. I do notice unless I change the IDE interface to IDE in BIOS instead of AHCI I get the checksum errors booting a modified initrd.img. That doesn’t cause a problem does it?

  16. Hey KabutoTX, I tried the Boot 132 disk route, however for some reason I am not able to boot the retail DVD.

    I am still looking into the problem. One easy way I found was to use a USB disk/ Thumb drive and install Chameleon on it and boot from it. I also created a small partition (11 GB, easy with GUID) in one of my drives, and restored the retail Snow Leopard DVD on it. Once I booted from the USB thumb drive, I chose the partition, and the installation started! I must say I have never managed to get an optimum resolution (always 1024×768) during installation using my Boot 132 disk, but with this method I had 1920×1200 (because I used my system’s, and the install went super fast. I will post a how-to very soon, with pix. Just waiting till all my software is stable with Snow Leopard.

  17. Timothevs: That is my problem also. Tried PC-EFI 10/Chameleon RC1 and total Chameleon RC2 boot files and can’t get it to read the CD. It keeps reading my 10.5.8 kernel no matter what boot params I put in.
    I could just do the CD restore or update my 10.5.8 but what fun would that be :)

  18. Better than that if you have a USB thumb drive free, just install chameleon on that, copy your Extensions to /E/E, and restore the SL image to a small partition on your drive or another USB drive. I just went that route and have my Snow Leopard all installed without the aid of any Leopard intervention. I will blog about the route I took, very soon!

  19. Sabr/Timothevs…

    Please please pretty please, a step-by-step guide to install Snow Leopard on my DS3!

    I’ve been forced to have a Windows box at home for the last few years because of my job, but I just switched jobs and I’m back to using my beloved Mac OS… so I want to hack my homebuilt box to rock some Snow Leopard!

    You guys are awesome.

  20. PunkHop – it’s pretty much the same as any other 10A432 GM install guide (that’s if you want to install using OSInstall.mpkg) or you can do what Timothevs mentioned, and boot up with a USB stick. I presume you could even partition your USB stick, install Chameleon to the boot partition, and restore the SL DVD to the second (although I haven’t tried this myself, it should theoretically work)…

  21. You must make sure to extract and edit your DSDT though, otherwise Snow Leopard will reset your CMOS settings every time you reboot…

  22. Indeed. I hope you find the DS4/DS3 guide helpful to get you started. It is sure a long read.

    Also, I just found that a Boot132 disk solution has been released for Snow Leopard!

  23. Hi guys!

    I’ve been trying to get Snow Leopard running on my DS3 rev1 with not success for 5 days. Everybody just say “edit your DSDT” as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which makes me feel like the most stupid idiot on earth.

    I’m still having the CMOS reset problem, NullCPUPowerManagement doesn’t handle the HPET problem, and the only thing I could find to edit DSDT was DSDT Patcher 1.01e, which didn’t work too.

    Chameleon 2 rc3 is installed, boots properly, boot, boot1h and boot0 all boot friends installed after OSInstall.mpkg.

    Is there any info I could have to try to make this work without spending the next 3 months googling for anything? Please?

  24. Well, everything up and running. I just kept Disabler, fakesmc and NullCPU. If I kept the IO or ATA ones I had a very bad KP on JMicron. Now, I just need to work on my graphics… here we go…

  25. Oh, and another very important information: the 10.6 or 10.5 folders inside Extra/Extensions DOESN’T WORK!!!! As of Chameleon 2 rc3.

  26. Hey Morph21, so glad to see ya have it all running. I hope you got your graphics working. If you like I could post my entire /E/ folder ;) The DSDT works like a charm for me – no need for any kexts to run sound, network, gfx etc. Super stable system – up since September.

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