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A post my Rissa surmises was coming, and indeed she’s right, as always. I am back on Vista, having converted my back to a Vista machine. The reasons I will revisit once again, and are nothing new. I grew tired after a while of the slow response my behemoth of a machine gets from 10.5.x in general, and by software installed as well (Microsoft Office 2008 mind you). Leopard felt sluggish at best, and burning DL-DVDs used to halt my machine to a grinding stop, in spite of boasting four Gigs of RAM.

The move back was quite painless indeed – all it took was copying my stuff over the Gbps network to my server and formatting the HDDs from the GUID to MBR mode, and I was installing Vista x64. As of now, I sit here, getting reacquainted with an old friend – Vista and associated software. One thing that was apparent almost immediately – the OS and the apps therein are just so much snappier, with hardly any waiting periods (compared to the spinning beach ball in OSX and bouncy icons on the Dock). My favorite app DUMeter has been updated, as has Ultramon. Joy! I have not faced any x64 related issues with regard to drivers or applications till now. I installed SP1 and noticed the network speeds jump from 10MBps to nearly 50MBps in some cases.

I am back to Newsleecher in lieu of my Unison setup on OS X, and Live! Messenger instead of Adium X. Unfortunately one app I will desperately miss, is Qumana for my blogging needs. Word 2007 is good, but somehow it doesn’t cut it as a blog editor. But I shall adjust – for if it is the only penalty I must pay for a snappier and responsive OS, it is well worth the shift.

Well time to wrap up this post, and head with Rissa for our daily jog/run!


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