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Back to Mac, albeit so unwillingly. Yeah yeah I hear you all loud and clear, "BUT TIM you bashed OS X just a post ago, and we all told you it was a phase and mood swing", but what can I say to that? Well, I gave Windows my best shot, and went back to Vista. Tried so hard, just ever so hard to make it work for me, but it didn’t.

 It is as if trying to make up with a lover one has cheated upon! No matter what one does or says or tries, nothing will work.

Vista would not take me back. Oh lordy I tried, and tried. And tried. If you can believe it, I tried eight times to reformat and get Vista to work with me, but every time the same problem would occur. I could not for the life of me fathom why. I traced it all down to one culprit, DivX, oh you blasted, miserable DivX installer 6.6, I wish I could really strangle myself after this discovery.

But remember what I said about OS choices? You make them based on the programs, and the ease of use you find in them. And a program I use heavily in OS X, I found had no equivalent (even close to it even) in Windows. That one is tan tan tarara *drum roll* Unison. Just the most powerful and intuitive Newsreader I have seen! The four views it offers makes browsing newsgroups and downloading just so much easier!

As I have recently purchased an account with Eweka, I was in urgent need of a News client, and none available on Windows even make the cut. Not even remotely close. So, I made the choice, to move to OS X. Back to OS X. Yes. Sure I won’t be able to work with MPEG2s, but that is what the other Vista machine (connected to the TV) is for. Sure I won’t have ACDSee, but I will have Adobe Bridge, sure I won’t be able to use µTorrent, but I will work with the Transmission client till one is released for OS X. No webcam in MSN, ok my love of my life uses Skype too, and so does me lil Bro, so I will make do with that. Limited Exchange support, so I will make do with what I can get. etc etc.

So yes, I am back on a Mac, and here I am updating once again with Qumana. Oh yes, in the move back I lost the "Domain.sites" file for my photo page, so I will have to remove it the next time I update and replace it with a new one. So stay tuned for that! Any pix you guys wanna download, better make sure you do already, for they mightn’t be available after the update (might choose a different set of pix).

So tally ho chaps! Till later!

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