Welcome to a new home & a new domain!

< 1 minutes

The transition is complete! The old blog has been moved to the current address, and all are advised to refresh the feeds. Of course, the old blog will always redirect here, and so will the individual articles (from Google).
The process was quite straightforward, and included a lot of SQL, as well as copying of files, hither and tither. The piece de la resistance was the singular line of rule in my .htaccess file, which will redirect every link from the old, to the current destination on my new server.

RedirectMatch permanent (.*) $1

For those curious enough – why Timothevs one might ask? Here’s an Etymology lesson – Tim is a derivative of Timothy, which is a derivative of the Latin word Timothevs which in turn was derived from Timotheos (Greek). All of which mean “Honoring God”. Since everything else was registered, welcome to the family Timothevs.net.


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