Windows 7 Build 7600 – RTM?

< 1 minutes

Leaked on the Interwebz last evening, build 7600 x64 is being touted as the Window 7 RTM (Release To Manufacturing and not Read The Man). I was of course eager to try this build out, and a couple of minutes later I took it for a test run on my Windows PC. The verdict is – “hmm”. In part due to the fact that it seems like an unfinished product. For instance, it did not mount one of my partitions after installation completed, which led me to a very panicky check of my partitions and mount status. Furthermore, Aero seems a bit sluggish.

On the other hand, none of the RC/Beta keys work anymore and no more does one see the “For Evaluation” text emblazoned on the lower-right corner. I will post screenshots later this evening.


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