iPhone 3GS – Week 4 and all is Great!

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Week 4, and the iPhone 3GS is chugging away like a champ. Having upgraded from a 1G 4GB iPhone to this beast, I am continually impressed by its speed, features, capabilities and the vast array of possibilities.

Initially I resisted the temptation to Jailbreak my iPhone. I figured Jailbreak is just a step to get to the Unlock. Since I am on AT&T, I didn’t need that. However, seeing how Apple chose to cripple the phone (vis-a-vis no HD videos on Youtube on 3G, or Skype calls etc), I reluctantly took the leap. I have not regretted that. With step by step instructions from iClarified, it was a snap. No need to reload the firmware, just a couple of steps and there’s Cydia! I am a happy camper.

The phone cam and video quality is a huge step up from the previous generation iPhones. I increasingly find myself leaving home without my point and shoot of late. It is just so much easier to whip out my iPhone and take a video of my cute little nephew being ever so cute on a whim. I wish there were an option to upload the HQ video to Youtube directly from the iPhone instead of the scaled down version. Oh well. Maybe there’s an app for that ; ) .

This phone has well and truly rekindled my desire to develop apps for the iPhone. The SDK is rather straightforward and allows the developers to tap into the various features with ease. More on that as it develops.

And here’s an obligatory graphic – this time an image I like to call “Impressions of Suburbia”. Snapped with my 3GS, and manipulated with ColorSplash. All on the iPhone.



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