WWDC 07 – OMFG! Can’t wait for Leopard… Safari for Windows!

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Unbuhlievable, that’s how one can sum up Steve Jobs’ charisma when it comes to Apple Events! Did you even catch a glimpse of Leopard? It is simply unbelievable how they have revolutionized the Desktop in a mainstream OS! I could rant on and on, but I need to get back to the QT videos of the latest that Apple has to offer in Leopard!

Hello Tomorrow says the tagline, but, where do I begin my rave and rant! It has been such an amazing event as always. Steve concentrated on the Software aspect of Apple Inc. this time around, and we were treated to ‘One more thing’… Safari for Windows. Um, this is a development that is sure to shake the foundations of software like Firefox and IE! Who I say WHO would ever in their right mind would want to use IE or Firefox on a Windows PC, when Safari comes out of the Beta stage. To all those who doubt me, check out how colossally successful iTunes has been! Oh well, naysayers be damned! I have to get back to the QT vids!


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