Ekspos FTW!

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So my search finally comes to an end. I found this handy util, in response to my rant yesterday. Mark sends me an email from Aussieland (after stumbling upon my blog), mirroring my complaint  about the lack of an ACDSee level viewer and file manager for OSX. He points me to Ekspos Image Viewer. It is a Java Application, close and similar to ACDSee in layout, and very Linux (KDE) in it’s look and feel. But it works splendidly, and very fast indeed. I believe I have found the answer to what I was looking for. It can be downloaded from http://www.kiyut.com/products/ekspos/index.html.

To run it under Mac OS X, you can either double click on


Or via the Terminal

java -jar /Volumes/YourVolume/ekspos/lib/ekspos.jar

And la voilĂ ! Works like a charm! Thanks Mark!


One thought on “Ekspos FTW!

  1. Hi Tim,

    Great blog, you seem very much in love with ‘Rissa’ :)

    I am glad to see ekspos working out for you. However, have you noticed the lack of launcher-like emulation in ekspos? By this I mean – that we can view images and move files around alright, but can’t really launch other files (documents, vidz and the like) unlike acdsee. Does this bug you, at all?


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