And am on my way… hopefully!

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After just so much wait, seemingly interminable months of looking forward to the day, I am finally ready to start my journey. All my bags are packed, and all that remains is to clean my rooms, wash the dishes, check-in online and I am off to Amsterdam for the night. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning, which precluded the possibility of leaving tomorrow for Schiphol, as the first train would reach Schiphol well after my flight is supposed to depart.

Updates, of course – so many of you have asked whether I shall update from time to time, and indeed lads and lasses, I plan to do just that. I shall have the pictures up and posted as and when the opportunity strikes. URLs to watch are: this blog of course, and my flickr page – flickr being easier as I shall directly push the pix via EDGE from my iPhone.


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