Barcelona Ahoy!

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Prep is currently underway for Barcelona. The 10cc meeting is coming up, and it shall indeed be a splendid opportunity to network with the project partners and gauge the current state of affairs in the WP. YMI was of the opinion that I should accompany him to Barcelona so that we could set up a meeting with Dai and the people from Bolton. Originally, I hadn’t planned on submitting anything to the workshop since the Boss was of the opinion that the papers would be a better fit in Maastricht. But since the Maas conference has more to do with e-Portfolios, the decision was taken (in my case) to go ahead with Barcelona after all. Since the deadline for submissions is the 31st of May, I am hard pressed for time, to create a workshop paper. I am thinking on the lines of submitting something regarding the authoring approaches for LD. Should be a perfect fit, and would just serve to aggrandize the work I am currently doing, and wouldn’t take too much away from my Journal article. Well, back to work sez I.

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Rissa is quite occupied with her final exam of the semester on Friday and is wondering how she’ll do at this ultimate (as in final) exam of the sem! I am sure she’ll do great, but I will make sure she does, by keeping mum these few days! She is so amazing though, how she manages to make time for me even when she doesn’t really need to at all!

What wouldn’t I give to get back to Egypt and Egyptology. A team from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) has uncovered an intact late-first intermediate period tomb in Dayr al-Barsha in Middle Egypt LINK. My heart just aches to be there, in the midst, in the sand and the dust, uncovering and discovering, living out my childhood dream. As I looked at the Bachelors program in Egyptology, my mind just wandered to what might’ve been.

But this discovery is exceptional for many reasons. The least of which being the fact that so little is known of the first intermediate period, the tumultuous time between the fall of the old kingdom and the beginning of the middle kingdom. This intact tomb of a Court Official Henu, shall help a lot in uncovering some secrets of the past. If I remember correctly this is the earliest intact tomb found in Egypt. And it is complete, with a mummy. I shall have to wiki it up to confirm whether it is the oldest mummy found in situ.

Ah no, it is not the oldest mummy. That honor befalls a mummy found in Sakkara from 3200 BC!


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