Wait for RFCs

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Finally finished with what I think is a passable paper for Barcelona. Mere few hours, and it is ready, I like that kind of work really. Now the wait starts for RFCs on the document. It was a really productive day indeed, somehow feels as if the Powerbook adds 10 to my productivity mana, that, in spite of having spent some part of the day, trying to configure Mac Mail for OU. The configuration went great, but just wasn’t what I was looking for, owing to how much the OU depends on Outlook and Exchange calendar stuff. Till I find a freeware Exchange <-> iCal sync DMG, I am staying put with Entourage. It may not be perfect, but it works. Argh. If only the GroupCal software weren’t so darned expensive.

Oh well, back to cooking dinner! Laterz muttz!

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