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In lieu of the practitioner meeting that was scheduled to take place yesterday, I have endeavored to create an online questionnaire, which the practitioners and non-expert authors can now go through and fill out. The input shall be instrumental to the incipient stages of the project work, and has been long awaited. It is our hope and sincere wish that practitioners will share some of their design practices, constraints etc with us, and agree to participate in the development of the LAE.

The questionnaire and survey can be found at It is hosted on my VMWare machine running Debian.

The day was quite busy, I finished an advertisement proposed by YMI and sent it forth to Amine Sir, and hope that it shall be enough to pique the interest of the students at RWTH. For information’s sake here is the advert in PDF.

Just ten days before my beautiful Rissa starts for NL, and things are just getting so exciting! We are just looking forward incredibly to the time we shall spend together for the next three weeks. Though the trips this time might not be exotic, I look forward to just hanging with my baby, just in blissful indolence, cooking for her, tasting her delicious cooking, just enjoying life together. Just such strong and beautiful emotions course through, making it ever so hard to wait for the blessed day.


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