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I was tempted, so tempted to throw what I believe in, what I have given just so much to build, and so much of my time and energy, I was tempted to throw all that away and embrace the dark side. I know not how I could have contemplated that, but owing to the recent sale, and general disillusionment, I was just so tempted… I am glad to report, I have not, and this day sees me back, and ever so happy with the only OS that was meant for me, Mac OS X. Life is good again, and I am back after having resisted the temptation of Vista and the ubiquitous file  management system it supports, viz-à-viz ACDSee.

I have used ACDSee Pro 3.10 since six years now on my Windows machine. Originally a File Viewer, ACDSee has been used across the  world as more. Not only is it ultra-fast, but the intuitive layout and File System overview allows one to interact with the drives and partitions in a very easy and straightforward way. The files can then be moved around, copied, deleted with ultimate ease.

Such a tool is unfortunately missing for OS X. I tried the Macintosh Explorer, which has been given a lot of rave reviews, but I found it curiously lacking in all departments. It is slow, clunky and not very intuitive. As a result I am left in the want for an AIO, a file and image viewer with a good underlying interface. Ach, this is the only software that tempts me to go back to Windows. *Horror*

The day for Rissa’s arrival approaches! It is just so exciting, counting down with my beloved. I am just so concerned though that I haven’t prepared enough, like the last time, because things at work have been ever so hectic. Oh well. I hope I get some time to plan things out. I really want her to have the greatest time! And by the by – today marks an anniversary of our being together!


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