Enya and I

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Not many I know, would make their fondness of “Enya” public. But indeed, nothing helps me focus than her music. It is indeed weird for I have tried to listen to a lot of artists while I work, and most of them serve to distract me more than anything. Enya’s music on the other hand, allows me to just shut out the world and focus on the task at hand. Believe you me, I tried everything from Bach to Led Zeppelin, but none of these work. I drift away to Bach’s Baroque music, and just can’t help sitting back and appreciating each note for its worth. More of a distraction than anything, I’ll admit.

On the other hand, Enya is soothing, relaxing, but not in a zzz way (unlike Enigma, Era etc… by the by why do they all start with an “e”?). The current song playing is “Afer Ventus” one of my favorites. It translates from Latin to Winds of Africa. I am getting a déjà-vu here.. have I blogged my likes for Afer Ventus before? Refresh me memory won’t you?

On a side note, Rissa agreed to switch to Skype for our VC needs, she’s the best *sigh*! This means basically that I shall be headed the OSx86 way in a few days (over the weekend). Oh the excitement, the trepidation, the incredible high, just by the mere mention of switching to a Mac. Oh wow! I can stop looking at Howard’s Hackintosh in envy now ; ) shall have my own! I hope the ALC888 drivers work fine. It shall be a towering endeavor indeed.

Well, back to the article now. And leaving my sweet babe alone, to her exam! A take-home exam at that!

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3 thoughts on “Enya and I

  1. Hey m8, ever tried Finntroll? it’s great for concentrating or just your daily dosage of 16HP, maybe even try that bluegrass metallica cover band or metallica bluegrass cover band…anyway, almost holidays :D

  2. Yo namesake! Have a great vacation m8! Sorry couldn’t message ya this day, have been running around trying to get my papers in order! :D Hope the last day at work was fun! :P And send us mails and messages from Backyardia ;)

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