Fréjus, France!

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First blog from Fréjus! It has indeed been a long time coming. What a perfect place and perfect weather (though a little nippy in the mornings). The Summer School has officially started, and is in full swing, we are listening to Ambörn’s presentation, and he is showing some slides from Kashmir.

We finally did manage to get online, which is a relief, since all morning we were moving around with our laptops, divining for a WiFi signal. The signal is available only in the conference room, which shall be an inconvenience as I need to work on my presentation for the Kennisnet meeting. But well, c’est la vie. It is indeed a wonderful place to be.

We arrived after a long journey (7 hours) at a small village near Fréjus, a journey that took us (the Namesake and I) from Heerlen to Brüssel, and then a flight to Nice, and from there a bus to Azurèva. The namesake and I were given different rooms, which ain’t any fun, so we asked my roomie (who coincidentally turned out to be Amine) to take de Jong’s room, and the namesake moved in!

Drinks were waiting on the terrace, along with some old acquaintances (welcome and otherwise) from the Winterschool in Innsbruck. We said our round of hellos to Martin, Andreas, and the others, and joined the Dubliners’ table for dinner. (A tip here from the Namesake – ‘Mahatma says, no better place to be for a steady flow of wine and drinks, than at an Irishman’s table’ – Mahatma has spoken)

Dinner was a staid affair and our first introduction to French cooking, interspersed with regular cha-cha-cha’s of cheese and what not, and plenty of Rosé and du vin rouge! Needless to say the Namesake and I got pretty hammered as did almost all the guys there, having a “groovy” time man!

The funniest was when de Jong, drunkenly insisted that we barge our way into a room which I kept insisting was not ours. I am so glad that the party broke up at 12:00, otherwise no telling how hammered we would’ve gotten! It was an ‘interesting’ cluster meaning in which we learned alternative definitions of the common words like ‘picnic’!

Well, it is back to the presentation now. Watch this space for more updates!

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Picture from Fréjus, eat your hearts out ppl!


5 thoughts on “Fréjus, France!

  1. Of course you fail to mention that you tried speaking french after a couple of glasses of the divine fluid, which unfortunately was not understandable by the locals, probably they’re speaking a local dialect, oui?

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! I’m so jealous that you’re back in France! Drink ze wine for me, oui? :) I love you and miss you so much! Time for me to get ready for the wedding…hope to talk to you soon, babe :)

  3. Hello my love! So great to see your reply on here! I miss you ever so much! It is just so much fun here, wish you were with me. I am drinking a lot of ze vin for both of us! OUI! I love you baby, can’t wait till we know more about our summer schedule!
    Love you jaan!

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