Happy Birthday Bro!

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Happy Birthday lil Brodemio! Happy 19th m8! Ah the celebrations that must be in order this evening, make me wish I were back home to celebrate with the lil’ one! Me bro sounded ever so happy on the phone as I rang him up 00:00 IST. Idiot, he was thinking of giving his birthday a royal heave-ho, and not celebrate at all this year. Glad to see that better judgement prevailed.

The whole concept of sending gifts back to India just makes me realize how crappy online services and follow-through is, in India. Living here in the EU, has changed my perception of how things actually work back home. Have to order weeks in advance, even though the status says – “Delivered next day”; and keep on calling the hotlines to make sure that the delivery actually follows through on the date specified. The fracas this time around, when I tried to send something to my brother via Rediff.com is just testament to that saga. One of the gifts arrived three days in advance and the other two… no sign of them yet! And the one that did arrive, came with no sender information… just some random “mundoo” handing the box over to my paranoid family, who mistook it as a bomb and just decided to throw it away. Great, just great…

The weekend has been spent in blessed indolence. Finally taking a break from the journal article, I spent all of Saturday, just reinstalling Windows Vista (please no comments/brickbats, hey it relaxes me!) and watching a useless movie “Stealth – unter dem Radar” – a cross between “I, Robot” and “Machines gone wild”… did this movie even have a purpose under the heavens? Ach! But the saving grace from Friday night and Saturday was that I managed to talk with the special someone for a long duration on the phone. It was ever so special. In many more ways than one! The preparations for her visit shall take precedence the next week, as it dawns on the twain, that there be just 12 days left! Oh my! : D

Speaking of Vista, I found the culprit for the high usage of CPU resources. It is the Digital_Clock_Ver2.0 gadget! It suffers from a memory leak and can increase the CPU usage to 2-3% constant (on my C2D system). No wonder the CPU is always at 20-30% on my P4m at work. Come Monday, that gadget shall be decimated! Here’s your international moment of Zen…

That’s how my XP used to look before I ditched/jilted it for Vista. Well had managed to get the Gadgets working in XP, thanks to some creative thinking and tweaking. And here’s how my Vista looks now…

“Just more glass, not enough class” – Your international moment of Zen ; )

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Music: Pete Droge – Under the waves


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