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It has indeed been a long time coming. But today I joined the “elite” a OneCare Beta tester for life! To what do I owe the honor? I guess it was filing bug reports and being active in the MS community. I really do feel happy for this, even though it basically translates to a $50 savings per year in subscription rates for MS AV and Backup solutions. But indeed, it is something substantial.

On the journal front, I have taken up the mighty daunting task again, as per the suggestions of RKP. I made rapid progress this evening and now am considering just rewriting some of the “gems” I had dropped along the way. It has indeed been an indolent day, spent recovering and taking my daily dosage of medicines. The health is slowly getting back on track, and I envision myself joining the workforce on Thursday.

Well back to some more typing furiously and watching Sherlock Holmes :D Toodles!

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Faced with a decision this afternoon, over whether or not to rejoin work on Thursday, I have decided against the same. The reason behind it is rather twofold – the first of which being the fact that I am still recovering, and get tired so easily that it is actually preposterous, and second, I don’t wish to bring on another relapse. The meeting on Monday with the supervisors and RKP, though productive, drained me out so much, that the symptoms got a lot worse. I couldn’t quite keep my head straight, and all that is nasty and bad came back, WITH a vengeance. Oddly enough, I get most drained when I try to watch a movie, and not so when I am working on my Journal article. There’s a mystery indeed. Right now for instance, I just got up from the futon, having watched half of the Comedy Spoof on The Hound of the Baskervilles, and even though I enjoy Kenneth Williams no end, the movie just drained me out. Which is why I think I will nap a wee, and then restart on the article again!

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Vista just works!

It has been nay a month and a half since I have been using Vista on my PCs at home (Client as well as Server), and although I complain no end, for day to day work, and search, development, as well as with the release of more compatible software, I am forced to admit this -> Vista just works! The eye candy, is the main feature of Vista as it seems to the untrained eye, and that indeed is true, and again, you need a powerhorse of a computer to run it well, and that again I agree to, but that notwithstanding, if you do have the right hardware and do appreciate the eye candy, you can start to look under the hood and recognize a number of features and a number of multiple enhancements, that basically would make you cringe if you thought about going back to XP. My favorite is of course, the Desktop Sidebar. I mean it even overshadows the appreciation I have for the .net 3.0 Framework and DX10 (for which I have no compatible cards AT this point of time). The Sidebar makes life ever so much easier, a handy Note tool, a quick launch application launcher, the handy calendar, temperature monitor (that has the entry for my location!), and what not! And if you need it, you just need develop it, it is so darned easy.

PS: Addendum on 20th – As my beloved just put it “you and vista should just get a room…” lol I love you Rissa

After the journal article, am thinking of embarking on the development of a sidebar gadget that would give me a holistic view of my Google Calendar. That would be just awesome.

Speaking of Google, could They DO any wrong? Nope I don’t think so! With the latest announcement of their PowerPoint clone on the web like Google Docs and Spreadsheets, I think Google is just the (for the lack of a better epithet) Mutt’s nuts! I have no regrets since I moved to the Google way of life, embracing their web client and calendar (with the awesome SMS reminders), Notebook (for all my web clips and mental queefs), and what not. Thanks be on Macro ; ) (who as a matter of fact is on holiday!)

Well back to work!

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